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Rorschach Test

Sarracenia pitchers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and put on a display of all sorts of markings. As I’m sure you’ve seen, the markings can range from delicate and subtle to extremely bold and complex with the veins, splotches, and windows going off all over the place. As I was doing some work in the greenhouse the other day, the markings of S. “Tina” caught my eye; that thing could double as a botanical Rorschach test. You know, those are the ink blot tests that are used for psychological analysis. Yeah. For some reason, with S. “Tina” this is what comes to mind when I see those markings. Does that make me somewhat unbalanced? Heh heh… ūüôā

What do you see?

Sarracenia "Tina"Sarracenia “Tina”
(The¬†parentage is uncertain, although many speculate it to be the same as¬†S. ‘Sorrow’)

Sarracenia "Tina"
Sarracenia “Tina”

Baby Big Mama Tina

Sarracenia rosea "Big Mama" x purpurea "Tina"Last year I crossed Sarracenia rosea “Big Mama” with pollen from Sarracenia purpurea “Tina.” (Tina was the pollen donor daddy here.) I was going for a large purpurea plant ¬†– massive like “Big Mama” with the pale color of S. purpurea “Tina.” I was also thinking it would be nifty should any of the throat splotch pattern transfers over.

[Random tangent: *Ahem* — Tina, eat the food.]

Well, the first real looking baby pitcher of the cross finally opened! It’s still too early to tell if Tina’s yellowish pale color will remain, or if the throat splotch will appear on some clones, but so far first pitcher is looking good. The other seedlings haven’t put up any pitchers of defining characteristics yet so stay tuned!

Sarracenia rosea "Big Mama" x purpurea "Tina"Sarracenia rosea “Big Mama” x purpurea “Tina”

December Gray

Hello December.

Out here in the Bay Area, we’re currently in middle of a storm system and there’s plenty of rain going around at the moment. ¬†The rain was (and still is) coming down pretty hard creating a heavy rhythmic¬†symphony on the greenhouse roof.

I spent most of the day getting some work done in the Asylum. I’m only down to about half a table of sorting/cleaning Sarracenia. I am making a few occasional divisions here and there, but not so much at this time. I was also doing some cleaning of the Nepenthes, removing the dead pitchers and leaves. Oh, also trying my hand at a couple more cuttings from my own plants today. Did all this under the gray weighty watery skies.

I didn’t have my regular camera on me today, but had my cell phone which also does the job.¬†Below are a few black and white photos from around the Asylum on this first very gray day of December.


Leaving for the greenhouse: the parking lot was an ocean of puddles. 

Grayhouses. Greenhouses.

The Asylum: A shelter from the storm

Drosera regia

Platycerium bifurcatum

New growth emerging from a recently divided Pyrrosia hastata

Tillandsia tectorum


Pinguicula ‘Tina’¬†

Pinguicula ‘Tina’ ¬†– hungry!

Nepenthes rajah
– new pitcher about to open

Nepenthes diatas

Nepenthes eymae

Nepenthes sanguinea