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Signs of Life

With the unusually warm winter we’ve been having here in California, I’m seeing more and more signs of life springing up around the greenhouse. A vast majority of the plants are still dormant, but it’s pretty refreshing to see a few things showing some life.

Sarracenia "Legacy"
Sarracenia “Legacy” – the new growth already extending above the trimmed old growth of last season.

Sarracenia "Legacy"
Sarracenia “Legacy” bud – excited to think about the possibilities this can provide in breeding this season!

Drosera filiformis var. tracy
Drosera filiformis var. tracyi – waking up!

Pinguicula 'Titan'
Pinguicula ‘Titan’  in bloom. During the winter the pings provide some nice splashes of color against the brown crispy Sarracenia pitchers.

Dorsera regia
Drosera regia repotted last week – still looking quite grand!

Hello 2014

Hope everyone’s been having a good 2014 so far! Two weeks in there hasn’t been much plant action on this end – other than the massive cleaning and re-organizing efforts that are currently underway in The Asylum. Here’s a few snapshots of how my 2014 is going so far.

The Asylum. The left half of the house has been trimmed. I’ve taken The Dome down on the right and I’m currently finishing up construction of 3 more water tables.

Trimmed Tables
Looking fresh and clean!

Dead Pitchers
The wreckage of dead foliage. I still have a lot of work ahead!

Sarracenia formosa AF
Burnt out heads of anthocyanin-free formosa.

Darlingtonia californica - Coos Co., OR
Special thanks to Karen Oudean for sending over some brilliant specimens of Darlingtonia californica – Coos Co., OR

Drosera binata var. dichitoma
Drosera binata var. dichitoma awake and unfurling new traps.

Drosera regia
Some Drosera regia cleaned and potted up.

Sarracenia bud!
What is this madness?! Is that… a BUD?!

Sarracenia "Legacy"
Sarracenia “Legacy” – new pitcher forming.


December Gray

Hello December.

Out here in the Bay Area, we’re currently in middle of a storm system and there’s plenty of rain going around at the moment.  The rain was (and still is) coming down pretty hard creating a heavy rhythmic symphony on the greenhouse roof.

I spent most of the day getting some work done in the Asylum. I’m only down to about half a table of sorting/cleaning Sarracenia. I am making a few occasional divisions here and there, but not so much at this time. I was also doing some cleaning of the Nepenthes, removing the dead pitchers and leaves. Oh, also trying my hand at a couple more cuttings from my own plants today. Did all this under the gray weighty watery skies.

I didn’t have my regular camera on me today, but had my cell phone which also does the job. Below are a few black and white photos from around the Asylum on this first very gray day of December.


Leaving for the greenhouse: the parking lot was an ocean of puddles. 

Grayhouses. Greenhouses.

The Asylum: A shelter from the storm

Drosera regia

Platycerium bifurcatum

New growth emerging from a recently divided Pyrrosia hastata

Tillandsia tectorum


Pinguicula ‘Tina’ 

Pinguicula ‘Tina’  – hungry!

Nepenthes rajah
– new pitcher about to open

Nepenthes diatas

Nepenthes eymae

Nepenthes sanguinea