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December Gray

Hello December.

Out here in the Bay Area, we’re currently in middle of a storm system and there’s plenty of rain going around at the moment.  The rain was (and still is) coming down pretty hard creating a heavy rhythmic symphony on the greenhouse roof.

I spent most of the day getting some work done in the Asylum. I’m only down to about half a table of sorting/cleaning Sarracenia. I am making a few occasional divisions here and there, but not so much at this time. I was also doing some cleaning of the Nepenthes, removing the dead pitchers and leaves. Oh, also trying my hand at a couple more cuttings from my own plants today. Did all this under the gray weighty watery skies.

I didn’t have my regular camera on me today, but had my cell phone which also does the job. Below are a few black and white photos from around the Asylum on this first very gray day of December.


Leaving for the greenhouse: the parking lot was an ocean of puddles. 

Grayhouses. Greenhouses.

The Asylum: A shelter from the storm

Drosera regia

Platycerium bifurcatum

New growth emerging from a recently divided Pyrrosia hastata

Tillandsia tectorum


Pinguicula ‘Tina’ 

Pinguicula ‘Tina’  – hungry!

Nepenthes rajah
– new pitcher about to open

Nepenthes diatas

Nepenthes eymae

Nepenthes sanguinea

Sarracenias in the Rain

We’ve been having some really weird June weather here.  In fact, it has been the wettest June of record since 1849.  We’ve had more rain than January! (It’s been quite a dry January for us…) What is going on?!   Anyway, today after I got home, the rain lightened up a little bit enough for me to get out and get a few snapshots of the Sarracenia.  Enjoy!

Rain Rain Go AwayA rainy view from the deck…

Sarracenia flava "Big Mouth"
Sarracenia flava “Big Mouth”

Sarracenia leucophylla "Purple Lips" x 'Royal Ruby'
Sarracenia leucophylla “Purple Lips” x ‘Royal Ruby’

Sarracenia moorei seedlings
Sarracenia moorei seedlings

Sarracenia "Wilkersons Red Rocket" x flava var. rubricorpora
Sarracenia “Wilkerson’s Red Rocket” x flava v. rubricorpora
a cross by Brooks Garcia that I grew out from seed

Sarracenia "Wilkersons Red Rocket" x flava var. rubricorpora
Sarracenia “Wilkerson’s Red Rocket” x flava v. rubricorpora
Cross by Brooks Garcia that I grew out from seed.
Pod sibling to the one above.

Hey, at least I didn’t have to water the plants today! 🙂 Stay dry everyone!

I’m Repottin’ in the Rain

Sup y”all – It’s been raining.  And even if it’s raining I’ll grab some rain gear, my umbrella-ella-ella-ay-ay-ay and get out there and pot up. Rain. It’s good for the plants. (It just means I don’t have to water… heh heh heh…) Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far! 🙂


Just a few shots from my repotting ventures yesterday. The plants may not look like much right now, but they have potential written all over them.

[Sarracenia courtii x ‘Adrian Slack’]

[Sarracenia “Green Monster” F2 – yeah, I self pollinated one last year, and the offspring so far appear as if they’ll be similar to the parent]

[Sarracenia moorei “Orange Glow” x ‘Adrian Slack’  – this one seedling is exhibiting some promising color. We’ll have to wait and see what it brings in a few years…]

[Sarracenia “Green Monster” F2’s spread out]

[Sarracenia courtii x ‘Adrian Slack’ with some breathing room]

[Sarracenia moorei “Orange Glow” x ‘Adrian Slack’, now with growing room!]


Quick post for this lazy rainy Sunday afternoon. In everyone’s life, a little rain must fall.  Plants are enjoyin’ it though… and so am I.  It means I don’t have to water anything out there today. 🙂