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Nepenthes Update

Just a few quick updates on some of the Nepenthes action here!

Nepenthes Fusca HybridHere’s an update on the Nepenthes fusca hybrid cutting from PaulMany of those cuttings are showing growth points at this stage. Woohoo!

Nepenthes hamata
A baby Nepenthes hamata, with a new pitcher.
Oh, the cute little teeth are becoming a little more prominent!

Nepenthes maxima hybrid
A Nepenthes maxima hybrid from Paul.

Nepenthes jamban
Nepenthes jamban, a new pitcher opening.

Nepenthes Fusca Hybrid Cutting Update

Back in September, Paul sent me a vine of a Nepenthes fusca hybrid to try cuttings on. Later that month, the cuttings looked like this. Those little grow point things have been slowly but surely growing, and looking good so far! I managed to slice the vine up into 10 pieces and so far 8 still look ok. As referenced in the earlier post, here’s a great link on how to do Nepenthes cuttings. Thanks again Paul!

Nepenthes fusca hybrid cutting
Nepenthes fusca hybrid cutting

Nepenthes fusca hybrid cuttingNepenthes fusca hybrid cutting