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White Cephalotus Pitcher?!

One of my cephalotus has been behaving a little… well, different. I guess it just felt like putting out this really bright white pitcher! I did some Google-ing and apparently it does happen every now and then. I don’t really know what causes it. The pitcher doesn’t appear to be dying as it’s not looking withered or anything. It’s been inflating and is now starting to open up. My guess is that it may get some more color on it later on – as in maybe a redish peristome? I’ll just keep a watch over it and hope it doesn’t die on me!

White CephalotusThe pitcher on the left was recently produced – and it is a division from the plant on the right. The plant on the left has a ghostly pale pitcher that just came outta nowhere! Both have been growing in my grow tank for the past few months, and both get the same amount of light. The one on the left has non-carnivorous leaves that are green, as well as some green little pitchers too. Then that thing just happened. Hmmpff… Go home Cephalotus, you are drunk!

White Cephalotus
Cephalotus follicularis – white pitcher

White CephalotusCephalotus follicularis – white pitcher

Toothy Smiles

Cephalotus follicularisCephalotus follicularis
Gotta love their toothy smiles! 

Cephalotus Cuttings Update

Back on 16 March 2012, I divided up my Cephalotus plants into several pots. I am pleased to report that they are all looking happy and are sending out new non carnivorous leaves. A few even sent up little flower stalks, but for now I’ve cut those flower stalks back in an effort to direct the energy to producing new foliage. Sweet!

Cephalotus follicularis cuttings
Cephalotus follicularis – looking happy!

Cephalotus follicularis cuttingsCephalotus follicularis – looking happy!

Cephalotus, Uprooted

I’m still going deep into the transplanting and dividing project…  Man, it’s seemingly endless but I’m just taking it one plant at a time, and enjoying it!

Anyway, I snapped this quick photo of Cephalotus follicularis – a pitcher plant from Australia!  Photo taken right before I divided it up and put off into little pots.

Isn’t it adorable? 

Cephalotus, uprootedCephalotus follicularis, uprooted