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Toothy Smiles

Cephalotus follicularisCephalotus follicularis
Gotta love their toothy smiles! 

Cephalotus Cuttings Update

Back on 16 March 2012, I divided up my Cephalotus plants into several pots. I am pleased to report that they are all looking happy and are sending out new non carnivorous leaves. A few even sent up little flower stalks, but for now I’ve cut those flower stalks back in an effort to direct the energy to producing new foliage. Sweet!

Cephalotus follicularis cuttings
Cephalotus follicularis – looking happy!

Cephalotus follicularis cuttingsCephalotus follicularis – looking happy!

Cephalotus, Uprooted

I’m still going deep into the transplanting and dividing project…  Man, it’s seemingly endless but I’m just taking it one plant at a time, and enjoying it!

Anyway, I snapped this quick photo of Cephalotus follicularis – a pitcher plant from Australia!  Photo taken right before I divided it up and put off into little pots.

Isn’t it adorable? 

Cephalotus, uprootedCephalotus follicularis, uprooted