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Brocchinia reducta

Brocchinia reductaBrocchinia reducta
The setting sun gives this carnivore a gentle glow in the late November afternoon.

Bewitching Brocchinia

Brocchinia reductaBrocchinia reducta

Brocchinia reducta is a bromeliad that seems to be a little more bewitching and devious than other bromeliads. As a bromeliads, the leaves fit together to form a foliar urn that holds water in the center of the plant.  What’s cool about Brocchinia reducta is that it’s quite possibly — carnivorous. Brocchinia’s leaves are coated with a very slippery waxy surface. This waxy surface is highly reflective of UV light insects are fatally attracted to this magical glow. Once the meal finds it’s way to the surface, it looses it’s foothold on the crumbly waxy surface, slips into the pool, drowns, and eventually gets absorbed. It’s also reported that this death pool is “perfumed”. There’s some debate as to the nature of this plants carnivory. For more information, check out this link at the International Carnivorous Plant Society. I received this plant from fellow grower and friend Don Elkins on 27 July 2011 and it’s been doing quite well since then. (Thanks Donnie!)