Terms and Info

Howdy! Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the info below.

All sales final.
Plant sales and shipping are USA ONLY.
Seed sales and shipping are open internationally. Please be advised that import regulations vary. Buyers outside of the US are responsible for knowing and complying with any of their local requirements.

Payment through Paypal. This is my preferred method. If you do not have a Paypal account, you may still check out as guest at the Paypal screen.

I have to disclose that with any hybridization effort there’s always a chance of pollination from other plants or even selfing that can occur. Being in the greenhouse allows me to have a certain degree of control while making the crosses. I do my best to make sure that the cross is done early, just as the flowers open up.

All seeds are harvested from cultivated plants.

Seeds have NOT been stratified. If you do not plan on stratifying them right away, please store the seeds in dry cold storage.

For more information on growing Sarracenia from seed, please see the International Carnivorous Plant Society guide: http://www.carnivorousplants.org/howto/Propagation/SarraceniaSeed.php.

These plants come from my personal collection and you may find some of my own creations or even the harder to find plants here.

Please note, unless where otherwise indicated, I will be shipping plants BARE ROOT with little or no media. Please be prepared to pot and care for your plant upon arrival. I will also trim a majority of the pitchers for shipping. It will send up new foliage for you with the proper love and care that all plants need.

For a better visual as well as information on rhizome/bulb sizes, please visit the Sarracenia rhizome size chart or the Dionaea bulb size chart. Unless where otherwise noted – plants that I’ve photographed for the catalog are representative of the plant during active/mature growth to give you an idea of what the plant will look like. Please see the size charts to get an idea of the rhizome sizes that you will be receiving.

An important thing to note is that the rhizome sizes/shapes/thicknesses will vary and depend on the species/hybrid. I’ve simply provided the charts to give you an idea of what to expect.

I ship plants via USPS. Most orders will arrive anywhere in the United States 2-3 days after shipment.

Shipping and handling charges will vary depending on how many plants are ordered.

I ship on either Monday or Tuesday. This ensures that the order gets to you before Sunday and avoids having the package sit at the post office. When your package is shipped, you will also receive a confirmation email with a tracking number which you may track at http://www.usps.com.

You (the customer) or somebody else must make arrangements to retrieve the shipment in a timely manner. If not, the plants may suffer damage due to neglect, weather/temperatures, or other causes. Scenarios like this are beyond my control.

Seeds are shipped in a padded envelope via US first class mail.

Items will be shipped out after receipt of payment clearance.

Sorry, no returns/exchanges. Please do not return plants. The plants will be stressed with the packing and shipping of the first trip. That said, I still strive to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. I’ll pack the plants with best of care. Once the plant arrives, it will be your responsibility to care for it and to grow it.

In the event that the plants arrive in an unsatisfactory manner, you must contact me via the contact page or email me at sales [at] thepitcherplantproject [dot] com within 48 hours of receipt of package and we can work something out. I can not be held responsible for carrier mishandling and/or delays as these are issues beyond my control. Please work with your local post office for the resolution of any delivery issues.

NOTE: Many of the plants that I sell here can such as the Sarracenia (American Pitcher Plants) or Dionaea (Venus Fly Traps) have a winter dormancy period. These plants may appear sick or dead during this period. Contrary to their appearance they are actually alive and well and will resume growth when warmer weather arrives.

The plant material I distribute is propagated by me. I have not, and do not collect field specimens for propagation, for sale, or for any other purpose. I do not sell plants or seeds that have been field collected by me or my contacts to fill plant orders.