Here’s a few Sarracenia tutorials I hope you find helpful. Now, I don’t know everything there is to know about Sarracenia or Sarracenia culture (let’s get that straight right now) – I just like growing these plants and sharing whatever I come across to inspire or help you out in your growing. If there’s anything you wanna know about – feel free to drop me a line at sarraceniadude [*at*]! Happy growing!

– Dividing Sarracenia rhizomes
Splittin’ em apart

– Germination: Starting Seeds 2012
Germination indoors under lights, 2012.

– Germination: Manifest Destiny
Dealing with germinating Sarracenia outdoors, making my own germination chamber.

– Keeping the Dust Down
A quick and easy simple tip on keeping your lungs happy.

– Packing it Up
A general tutorial of how to pack a Sarracenia rhizome.

– Photos: Behind The Scenes
How I get some of those photographs.

– Pollen Collection
Collecting and storing pollen opens up more possibilities and offers more flexibility in creating hybrids. Here’s how I collect pollen.

– Pollinating a Sarracenia flower
Great tutorial by Brooks Garcia on how to pollinate.

– Pollination: Tools
A few examples of tools that can be used for Sarracenia pollination.

– Removing fungus infected rhizome.
Oh, it sucks when this happens. When it does, cut it off.

– Saving Seedlings
An example of how I salvage seedlings when fungus happens.