First Flower

Hello all you beautiful people out there! Hope you all have been well! I’ve finished moving out of The Asylum and took the month of February to just relax a little bit from the wonderful fiasco of hauling an entire large greenhouse full of plants from point A to point B. (A huge thanks to the BAPP crew for the help!)

The new place is coming along well. I’ll slowly be putting the pieces together again and will be working on the new location throughout this year. It’s not as large or grand as the marvelous Asylum, but you know what – it’s something. The Sarracenia are growing outdoors now and that’s been brilliant since they’re now getting much needed rain. It just feels good to know that the plants that were once in the greenhouse for 3 1/2 years are now getting a much needed flush from the the rain.

I also wanted to report that on 29 Feb I was able to do my first pollination of 2016! I self pollinated an anthocyanin free clone of S. catesbaei.  The parentage is S. luteola x S. flava ‘Suspicion’ – grown from seed, cross by Adrian Fawcett and you can see them when the first germinated back in  2013 here! (Thanks again, Adrian!)

Seeing the first flower is always refreshing sight. This neon thing broke the bleak ocean of trimmed and dead foliage like a beacon of hope for better things to come. This year will be a transition year getting to know all the nuances and idiosyncrasies of the growing spot, but so far it looks like the plants don’t have a problem with it. Looking forward to seeing how this year will turn out. Thank you all again for following along this crazy botanical journey of mine, y’all are just awesome.

Sarracenia catesbaei flower – anthocyanin free clone

14 responses to “First Flower

  1. Congratulations on new beginnings! I can’t wait to see how the plants respond to outdoor conditions and fresh rainwater. 🙂

    • Thanks Maria! I am excited to see how they fare as well! I am LOVING all this rain and all I can think about is how their pots are being flushed. We had some heavy rain today. My only concern now – is if that flower is OK… time will tell 🙂

  2. Nice! Dibs on first div?.

  3. looking good Rob,can’t wait for an update on your new place and more pictures of the AF plants

  4. Heres to a great season!!

  5. Hey Rob,mine are dividing already

  6. Hey bro…I think the rain flushing is great…albeit I wasn’t aware you had a bad water problem, unless you got hold of some bad peat. Just as important, your plants are going to be able to feed naturally and build a stronger tissue cuticle from natural air circulation. You should see a marked improvement in the strength and vigor in the plants.

  7. Woohoo on the first pollination! More seeds you won’t know what to do with! Haha joking. Bet your sarrs are gonna look even more amazing now that they can catch more bugs and get that unfiltered sun!

    • Haha! Well, I have a couple outlets in mind for the seeds I don’t know what to do with. Question is, do you have room? 🙂
      Thanks so much, Megan! I’m looking forward to seeing how this year will shape up!

  8. I just joined here so pardon any ignorance in the set up.
    Is there a place to post pics in order to ID my first pitcher plant? The flower looks remarkably like the one posted above. I am very excited to start learning!

    • Thanks so much! No worries at all. I haven’t been updating this blog as this year has been quite busy thus far. Feel free to email me at rob (at) and I may be able to help ID it for you. Thanks!

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