Sarracenia oreophila x ‘Adrian Slack’

Sarracenia oreophila x 'Adrian Slack'Sarracenia oreophila x ‘Adrian Slack’ – one of my crosses from a few years ago. This year I finally got a chance to put each clone in a separate pot to keep track of them easier. I’ll eventually figure out a naming convention, but wanted to share this one for now. More photos to follow of the others later on. This particular plant has a beautiful red throat splotch contrasting against a white pitcher top. Hawt!

9 responses to “Sarracenia oreophila x ‘Adrian Slack’

  1. another stunner Rob

  2. Looks like S. ‘legacy’ at first sight. A true stunner, deserves to become a registered cultivar

    • Thank you, I appreciate the kind words! Will keep my eye on it for evaluation. Still a relatively young plant, hasn’t bloomed for me yet and will need to first test it out in different environments to make sure traits are stable!

  3. Nice! It looks white.

  4. I’m always a big fan of these crosses Rob. Great work…it’s beautiful

  5. LOL!! Don’t underestimate your breeding abilities. Just don’t become one of those breeders who crosses everything in bloom with everything in bloom. You’re doing a great job 🙂

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