Sarracenia “Green Monster” x alata f. viridescens

Last year there was this one cross I almost forgot about until I stumbled upon it during clean up. Yeah! I just love it when that happens! It was S. “Green Monster” x alata f. viridescens (the anthocyanin free form of S. alata). You can see last year’s pitchers in this post. This year a little bit more character can be seen in the plant. I really like how it has been developing. I enjoy how the windows from S. “Green Monster” are combined with the bulbous shape in the upper portion of the pitcher thanks to the S. alata f. viridescens influence. It is still not of blooming age yet; perhaps it will be next year or the year after. This particular plant is one of the larger ones from the litter. The other siblings look similar and are a little smaller. I’m grading those babies out and hoping for some nice surprises from the batch! 🙂

Sarracenia "Green Monster" x alata AFSarracenia “Green Monster” x alata AF

Sarracenia "Green Monster" x alata AFSarracenia “Green Monster” x alata AF

5 responses to “Sarracenia “Green Monster” x alata f. viridescens

  1. So much want!!
    *grabby hands*

    • Hah! I will have some of the siblings available later. Just letting them get some size on first. I also did the other cross using alata AF as the parent the following year. Those are still small but should be pretty interesting too! 🙂

  2. Wow what a beauty.
    So many nice plants here

  3. nice looking plant Rob.

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