Sarracenia ‘Adrian Slack’ – Flower and Pollen

Adrian slack flower-1Sarracenia ‘Adrian Slack’ flower

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It is that time of year again when blooms are exploding all over The Asylum and I can’t help but dream about all the possible pollination combinations. I actually did my first cross earlier last week. I selfed S. ‘Adrian Slack’. Now I don’t know if I will get any seed as I can’t seem to use S. ‘Adrian Slack’ as a pod parent. I know of a couple other growers who have the same issue. It could be a number of factors but this still won’t stop me from trying to use it as a pod parent whenever I have the opportunity. At least I’ve used the pollen in years past with great success. I actually already had a few blooms in play before the S. ‘Adrian Slack’ bloom opened up. The first ones to open up this year were the S. alata plants, then the S. oreophila plants soon after. I could of went to town starting with those but I really am trying to be more disciplined with what I cross now. (At least until I either retire – or work with this plant thing full time. Ohhh dayumn. You better watch out then!) Plus… this year I kinda need to catch up with this trimming and repotting of the other plants anyway. Now, this doesn’t mean that I won’t do any crosses this year; it just means that I won’t do as many. Maybe. Yeah… I tell myself this every year but let’s see if I actually stick with it this time around.

Sarracenia 'Adrian Slack' pollenSarracenia ‘Adrian Slack’ pollen

The shot above is how I collect/store the pollen. I simply use disposable shot glasses and then cover with another shot glass. Next I store it in the fridge. Any similar type of container will work just fine. I usually use up the pollen within a month or so. I’ve gone up to about two months using fridge-stored pollen with success and have never needed to really go beyond that. I have heard freezer stored pollen can last longer, but I’ve never tried it.

How about that pollen tho, isn’t it sexy? Doesn’t it turn you on?! I mean, what would you throw this pollen on? Storing pollen gives me great flexibility and allows me to plan for potential pollinations. Good times! (By the way, for more pollen posts check out these past entries: here is one from 2013, and another nerdy entry from 2010. 20-freakin-10! )

Pollen On BrushAww yeah… Ready for some plant lovin’. Bom-chicka-wow-wow.

4 responses to “Sarracenia ‘Adrian Slack’ – Flower and Pollen

  1. That’s one beautiful blossom there.Buds are just beginning to push up here in the hills…,when I take brush to flower,I don’t rush in with a bom-chicka-wow-wow…I use a sexy,buzz buzz baby,I’m just a giant 2 legged bumble bee,now get some loving,buzzzzzzzzz baby,buzzzzzzzzzz…….I’m sure anyone overhearing doesn’t find it sexy.The undoubtedly think it’s creepy.I don’t doubt they probably quietly slink away and then run ….but so far no one has called the sheriff on me ; )

  2. I have myself selfed S. x Adrian Slack in 2013. I got about 130 seeds but the rate of germination was very low (about 20%) and all seedlings except one were very weak. However, the single strong seedling (now about 12 cm) is absolutely gorgeous. It is similar to S. x Adrian Slack but the top of the tube and the dorsal surface of the lid are whiter, and the throat and the ventral surface of the lid are redder. So this is definitely a cross to repeat but you have to do everything possible to get a maximum of seeds.

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