Sarracenia “Saurus”

Sarracenia “Saurus” never ceases to amaze me. This select cross of S. leucophylla “Purple Lips” x flava var. ornata was done by the legendary Phil Faulisi. I remember when I first saw this beast of a plant at Phil’s place in 2009 – I had to pick my jaw off the floor. I jokingly told Phil, “Phil – dude that thing is a Sarracenia-Saurus!” He then goes “Dude, you know what? You just named that plant!”

The pitchers on my division this year got to over 30 inches. If the plant wasn’t divided, they would of gotten close to the 40 inches that it normally attains. (See Phil’s post here.)

The pitchers below are fresh fall pitchers that recently opened up this past week. They will color up and get dark as the season rolls on. You can see the pitcher on the right in the first photo starting to darken up. For the time being, I’m enjoying the beautiful contrast of the veins as they lace up the pitcher. Simply amazing! As always, brilliant work, Phil!


Sarracenia "Saurus"
Sarracenia “Saurus” – A Phil Faulisi Creation

Sarracenia "Saurus"
Sarracenia “Saurus” – A Phil Faulisi Creation

12 responses to “Sarracenia “Saurus”

  1. NIce work bro!! In my near desert conditions I managed to get 36″ pitchers with mouths so big you could almost fit all your fingers down their throats!! Did some simply out-friggin-rageous crosses with it this year! Get ready for Sarracenia “King Kong”!!

  2. Trey "Naturenuts"No Gravatar

    Once again Phil creates a spectacular plant. This cat can do no wrong when it comes to creating superior hybrids. Can’t wait for the KONG!

  3. Thanks Trey. Just wait…I’ve been selectively line breeding select species now in the quiet..giant minors, spectacularly patterned purpurea, leucos to end all leucos…I’ve just been directing all the attention to the fancy hybrids.

  4. Rob, that’s an awesome shot of the nectar roll in your second photo!

  5. Trey "Naturenuts"No Gravatar

    Phil, we are all excited to see the amazing species plants that you will most certainly create! Is the “Bengal Tiger” one of the purps you speak of?

  6. Definitely a gorgeous plant, and few can argue with 30-40 inch pitchers.
    Trey, “Bengal Tiger” is a catesbaei cross involving flava ornata (go figure), and one that’s been on my wish list a long time….

  7. Epic!!! Definitely at the top of the food chain. Nice work Phil!

  8. Trey…I’m going to post a pic of my huge Bengal Tiger on Facebook today. Calen bought a beeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful specimen from me at the BACPS!!

  9. LOL, thanks everyone! Phil – I am so lovin’ this monster of a pant. I’ve used it in a (few) crosses this year and can’t wait to see what comes of them šŸ™‚ King Kong sounds rad – I can not wait to see what that looks like!!

  10. Phil, I’ll take one of everything. šŸ™‚
    Rob, awesome work growing that monster out.

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