Sarracenia – Summer Sanctuary 2014

Sarracenia – Summer Sanctuary 2014

It’s hard to believe, but summer 2014 is drawing to a close and autumn is right around the corner. I put together clips from the past couple of months to commemorate this Sarracenia sanctuary’s summer. Enjoy!

13 responses to “Sarracenia – Summer Sanctuary 2014

  1. The sarracenia images are more intoxicating to me than the nectar is to their prey.

  2. Collection looks awesome!

  3. Love the score on the video. Great job and plants are still looking great bro.

  4. Your collection of sarrs is absolutely wild! Its awesome to see so many 🙂 Great video editing skills too 😀

  5. Wow. Just wow, Rob. Your photographic and video talent AND your immaculate greenhouse (all the carefully labelled capsules!) have just blown me away. Brilliant video. I’m forwarding it to our CP and conservation staff.

  6. Baby neps are so cute!!! Do you have to feed them little bugs at all or do they catch their own??

  7. Absolutly marvelous !! Is it S ‘Legacy’ at 2:16 please? congratulations for your amazing collection!!

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