BACPS Nepenthes Haul

A couple of weeks ago we had our annual BACPS (Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society) show and sale. It’s always great connecting with fellow growers during the BACPS meetings… and winding up with a few more plants in the process too! Here are a couple of Nepenthes that found their way into the plant haul from the show and sale.

Nepenthes densiflora x glanduliferaNepenthes densiflora x glandulifera – from Predatory Plants (Thanks Josh!)


Nepenthes lowii x campanulata
Nepenthes lowii x campanulata – from Carniveo (Thanks Drew and Jesse!)

One response to “BACPS Nepenthes Haul

  1. Ooh, a lowii x campy! That should be exciting. I keep seeing photos of Paul’s. It looks pretty great!

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