S. ‘Black Widow’

Sarracenia 'Black Widow'
A Sarracenia ‘Black Widow’ pitcher coloring up quite nicely. As the season moves on, the plant will get even darker. Cross by Phil Faulisi. More information on this fantastic plant can be found on the ICPS website.

Sarracenia 'Black Widow'Sarracenia ‘Black Widow’

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  1. I have seedlings of this crossed with a purp burkii, and now I have just that much better and idea of what to expect from them….. those veins are amazing at such a young stage, and knowing how this thing darkens, can’t wait to see later pics…

    • Hi Hawken – That sounds amazing! It’s an intense plant! Many of the crosses I’ve seen with this plant carry that dark coloration on through the progeny. Looking forward to hearing/seeing how your seedlings do for you. Cheers!

  2. Its nice,but not as good as one i bred.That’s my opinion though.
    have you seen

    I bred this a few years ago,but its not registered yet.

    • That is FANTASTIC Adrian! What a stunner! That is quite remarkable! Any update on flowers? Is it still at 8 petals? S. ‘Black Widow’ has gotten pretty dark for me in years past (photo in ICPS) and some of the progeny from the crosses using ‘Black Widow’ are starting off quite darker then it’s parent. :) They make for a great contrast with our “green” obsession! Cheers!

  3. the flowers are only just appearing on it as i write.

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