Alive – Spring 2014

Spring is in full force and the deluge of color and growth has begun. This season holds quite a bit of promise and I am excited to see what it has in store.
Let’s grow!

Alive – Spring 2014.

4 Responses to Alive – Spring 2014

  1. Hi just looked at your video and really enjoyed it – even music good! Looking forward to my plants here in UK to wake up,to see what this year brings.

  2. Grab your glow sticks and ecstasy baby! Haha! Seriously though, the whole video captures the excitement of spring in a really nice way :) Thanks for posting.

  3. Calen-who needs ecstasy when you can get high on life aka Sarracenias? yes, Nerd alert…nerd alert :)

  4. Haha Mike so true! Sarracenias for Jesus!

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