The Red Queen Glows Blue

New Nepenthes

Recently my fellow carnie-homie Kinjie Coe contacted me saying that he was sending some stuff my way. Shoot – I was surprised to come home to not one, but *two* boxes full of some very rad Nepenthes. (Dude!! Thanks so much, Kinjie!) One of the plants that he sent my was a Nepenthes tiveyi “Red Queen” – such an amazing beauty. Since I was at home and it had a nice pitcher attached to it, I decided to photograph her majesty – in regular light AND short wave UV light. Check out this post for some more photos Nepenthes under short wave 254nm UV light, as well as this Vine video. By the way, for those asking, *yes* I’ve tried Sarracenia under the light, but there really wasn’t much “glow” to those babies. I haven’t had time for a proper UV light shoot at the greenhouse (I actually shot the Nepenthes in my bathroom), but will still try to shoot the lack of glowing from Sarracenia sooner or later. Perhaps I need another lamp to make the Sarracenia glow blue, but I don’t feel compelled to drop a few hundred for a new UV lamp at the moment. Anyway, I captured the below photos using a long exposure – 30 seconds at f2.8, 50 mm. Mouse over the photo to see the photo under regular light.


Nepenthes tiveyi “Red Queen”

Nepenthes tiveyi “Red Queen”

Nepenthes tiveyi “Red Queen”

11 responses to “The Red Queen Glows Blue

  1. Kinjie(ocpaddict)No Gravatar

    Very Amazing as Paul said. The strips on the peristome are extremely vivid!

    I’m Glad I Can help feed the obsession:).

  2. Great Pics Rob, so don’t you think sarracenia use the uv spectrum as much as neps?

    I have been talking about this possibility and wondered if anything showed up on our AF sarra’s under uv?

    • Thank you Ada! I think the Sarracenia does use the UV spectrum as well, it’s just that my lamp’s quality isn’t as “powerful” (?) as some of the laboratory grade ones that are out there that other people have used. I don’t see any fluorescence when I use the light I have on Sarracenia – AF or otherwise. If I have time for a proper shoot, who knows though. I may need to keep the shutter open longer (1min+?)… something to play around with in the future…

  3. awesome as usual

  4. What happens when you shine the uv light on your Nepenthes during the day? Does your eye detect any of the violet coloration? Or does the plant have to be in total darkness?

  5. Hi Becky! I don’t see anything during the day. The plant had to be in a very dark area/complete darkness for me to see the glow best.

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