Baby Big Mama Tina

Sarracenia rosea "Big Mama" x purpurea "Tina"Last year I crossed Sarracenia rosea “Big Mama” with pollen from Sarracenia purpurea “Tina.” (Tina was the pollen donor daddy here.) I was going for a large purpurea plant  - massive like “Big Mama” with the pale color of S. purpurea “Tina.” I was also thinking it would be nifty should any of the throat splotch pattern transfers over.

[Random tangent: *Ahem* -- Tina, eat the food.]

Well, the first real looking baby pitcher of the cross finally opened! It’s still too early to tell if Tina’s yellowish pale color will remain, or if the throat splotch will appear on some clones, but so far first pitcher is looking good. The other seedlings haven’t put up any pitchers of defining characteristics yet so stay tuned!

Sarracenia rosea "Big Mama" x purpurea "Tina"Sarracenia rosea “Big Mama” x purpurea “Tina”

4 Responses to Baby Big Mama Tina

  1. Hey Rob, your purp “Tina” does not look like a pure purp to me. It looks more like a catesbaei back-crossed to purp. Pretty plant though.

  2. “Tina! Come get some ham!!!” Hahahaha
    Nice tangent Rob :)

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