Up and Coming AF Seedlings

If you know me, you know I can’t get enough of the anthocyanin free plants! Here are a few up and coming green seedlings. Some are a result of breeding with anthocyanin free recessive plants (those plants with that hidden mutation that suppresses anthocyanin production) with other AF plants. Others are just a result of straight AF breeding lines. Fun stuff!

Sarracenia (leucophylla x purpurea heterophylla) x leucophylla AF
Sarracenia (leucophylla x purpurea heterophylla) x leucophylla AF
The parentage of this plant consisted of one AF recessive plant, and one AF plant. One of the surviving seedlings from this cross turned out to be AF, while the other clearly exhibits the presence of anthocyanin.

Sarracenia (rubra ssp. jonesii AF x minor var. okefenokeensis) x "Green Monster"
Sarracenia (rubra ssp. jonesii AF x minor var. okefenokeensis)
x “Green Monster”
The parentage of this cross also consists of one AF recessive parent, and one pure AF plant. I’ve had a couple plants sprout from this batch, but this was the only survivor. I’m glad it turned out to be AF.

Sarracenia mitchelliana AF x "Green Monster"
Sarracenia mitchelliana AF x “Green Monster”
This cross uses pure AF parentage – S. mitchelliana AF and S. “Green Monster” which is another anthocyanin free plant.

Sarracenia moorei - AF
Sarracenia moorei, AF
S. leucophylla AF X S. flava ‘suspicion’
Both parents of this cross are AF resulting in AF progeny.

2 Responses to Up and Coming AF Seedlings

  1. You must be in heaven with all those AF plants Rob,AF moorei’s look good.
    My largest is just short of 2 feet tall this year(spring pitcher)and with a bit of sun they are going that yellowish green we all love.

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