They’re ALIVE!

This year, I started my seeds in the greenhouse without any use of lighting or additional heat. *GASP!* Yeah, really! I normally would start them under lights (like this), but I ended up with about 150 or so different crosses that I’m germinating this year. Germination just took a little longer that I was used to.

I only had about 30 crosses of my own that actually took and set seed last year. Yeah, only 30 because of this >FUGLY-ness< a year ago.  Yo, it’s crazy to think that I was in THAT mess a year ago…  That said, many other friends sent me their own seeds that I’m growing out now. (Thanks again, y’all!)

Under lights, and with the addition of heat I’ve had seeds germinate in little as one week. I didn’t feel like dealing with any lights this year so I decided to germinate the seeds under my existing conditions.  I started the seeds a bit later in the year when it was warmer. It took roughly 5-6 weeks before I saw any signs of life, but I’m glad to report – they’re alive! THEY’RE ALIVE! Muahhaehah!!  There’s a lot more interesting-ness that will be coming out of this 2012-2013 generation, but for now – here are a couple AF crosses I’m excited to grow out! (D’aww, aren’t they cute?!)

Sarracenia luteola x 'Suspicion' Sarracenia leucophylla AF x psittacina AF

Left: Anthocyanin free catesbaei (Sarracenia luteola x flava ‘Supicion’)
Right: Anthocyanin free wrigleyana (Sarracenia leucophylla AF x psittacina AF)

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