From Lost to Found

Back in late 2010, I received seeds from fellow Sarracenia enthusiast and breeder, James Soe Nuyn of Lost in the Landscape. Among the seeds that were sent to me were Sarracenia flava “Widemouth” x flava var. ornata “Black Veins”- Bulloch Co., GA and Sarracenia leucophylla “Burgundy” x flava var. maxima.

I started the seeds in 2011, however with all of the transition last year, I was afraid that I may of lost these babies. As I was sorting and cleaning the seedling tables, I’m glad that I was able to once again be re-united with them. Lost and now found!

In going back through archives and notes, I saw that James was going for a flava with attitude with the first cross: a wide mouth and strong black veins. In using flava var. maxima with the other cross, James was going for a moorei clone with “strong smeared coloring and without a lot of veining (or maybe even light-on-dark veining).” The plants are young but I can see that he’s on target with both of them. It will be fun watching these seedlings evolve. Thanks again, James!

Sarracenia flava "Widemouth" x flava var. ornata - Bulloch Co., GA
S. flava “Widemouth” x flava var. ornata “Black Veins”- Bulloch Co., GA
Cross by James Soe Nuyn 2010

Sarracenia leucophylla "Burgandy" x flava var. maximaS. leucophylla “Burgundy” x flava var. maxima
Cross by James Soe Nuyn, 2010

3 Responses to From Lost to Found

  1. Nice! The second one looks like embarrassed :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos, Rob! It’s great to see the little ones growing up away from home. Seeing your photo made me dig through my old pile of refrigerated seed and start some more of that old moorei cross to see if I can’t get a few more interesting clones out of the cross. I was worried that there’d be way too much going on: Areolae, blushing, reverse veining, white top…but it seems to work, at least with that one clone of yours.

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