Sink Bog Project

A sink bog. I’ve been soo itching to make one of these things. It all started after seeing Jared Crawford’s super awesome Carnivorous sink at Flora Grubb Gardens. Eventually I would want to do a whole crazy tub garden just like the one that Sarracenia Northwest put together. (Check this video out!) And speaking of bathroom fixtures, I still want to see Paul’s “very VERY bad idea” come to fruition. Heh heh! Anyway, last month I picked up an old sink that was left over from my uncle’s bathroom remodeling project. It was a perfect fit for this little bog I’ve been wanting to put together. Dude, it’s always fun up-cycling/re-purposing things.

Sink Bog Project
The sink is placed on these empty crates for now. I may end up switching the crates out for something else, but for now this will do.

Sink Bog Project

I didn’t have a stopper to plug the sink, so instead I grabbed some left over greenhouse plastic and used that to partially line and kind of clog up the bottom of the sink. A rock or screen would of probably worked too, however I wanted this container to be able to retain more water so that I wouldn’t have to water it that much.


Before I fill in the sink with the potting media, I made sure to plug up the sink’s side overflow drainage hole with a little bit of sphagnum moss. A screen would also work here. I then fill the sink up with my media of choice. I use a rough 1:1 mix of peat/perlite. Sometimes peat/sand. Use whatever you’re comfortable with. If you notice, around the perimeter of the sink (photo, top right) I have a little bit of sphagnum moss. I don’t think this step is necessary but I had some left over moss from another potting project I wanted to use up, so I figured that I could use it here. Also was thinking that it would prevent the peat from running all over the place when I water the thing later. In the photo upper right, you can see some of plants I’m using for the project. I had another container full of random mixed plants that needed some serious repotting, so I decided to repot them into my new bog.

Bog Sink Project

Above, you can see the plants being planted up in their new place! You can see some of their new growth coming up (as well as the old foliage that I still gotta trim off.) I have to make a note that it would of been better to do all this repotting and moving about right before the plants broke dormancy, but they’re resilient things and I’m sure they’ll adjust just fine. I arrange the plants placing the ones with the taller growth habit in the center and back, while shorter plants will be located around the sides and front. It ensures that the plants get the light that they need, and it just looks better this way.

In another container bog (above left), I had some live sphagnum moss growing in between the pitchers. It makes a nice bog ground cover, so I wanted to use it in my new sink bog. I simply pluck some of the live moss from the other container bog (above right) and simply place on the media in the sink (below).

Bog Sink ProjectPlanting some live sphagnum heads in the new sink bog. By the end of the season, this should form a nice thick carpet. 

I’ll post more close up photographs later of a few other plants I planted around the edge of the sink. I threw in some Dionaea (Venus Fly Traps), Pinguicula (Butterworts… more specifically I used P. moranensis), and various Droseras (Sundews). Also added were a few rocks for some minor hardscaping. After everything was planted, I simply took the hose and gave the new bog a good drench, as well as wash away the mess I made around the sink.

Finally, the sink bog is complete. Well, for now anyway. I’ll post updates as the sink bog garden grows!

Bog Sink ProjectSink bog!

Bog Sink ProjectSink bog!

10 responses to “Sink Bog Project

  1. Very seriously, next time, look toward using epoxy putty instead of greenhouse film for stopping up the sink. Quite a few brands exist that are already rated for potable water, and the stuff cures remarkably quickly. Even better, it won’t bow or blow out the way greenhouse film will. If that helps, please let me know.

    • Thanks for the tip! I’ll give that a shot next time. I’m not too worried about the greenhouse film bowing or blowing out as it’s a relatively large liner covering a narrow opening. I’ll be sure to look into it for the next sink/shower/tub/toilet bog that may come. 🙂 Happy growing, Paul!

  2. Who’s “Jerrod”?? I’ve heard of a Jared that used to work there though. 😉 The sink is lookin’ good, Rob. Nice job!

  3. Yesss!! A predatory pisser too!

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