Nepenthes, Illuminated

Just wanted to share a few assorted Nepenthes photos from the end of a bright winter’s work day. The setting sun was coming in at an angle that added a nice subtle glow to the deadly foliage.

Nepenthes thorelii x aristolochioides
Nepenthes thorelii x aristochiloides
(Thanks again Paul! It’s pitchering like mad!)

Nepenthes robcantleyiiNepenthes robcantleyii

Nepenthes hamataNepenthes hamata
A new baby pitcher on a very young plant, but it’s doing well.
So cute. But wait until it gets older, it gets soooo much cuter!
(Thanks Drew!) 

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  1. Glad you’re having a good experience with the Nepenthes, Rob!

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