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Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted! Hope y’all been well! Honestly I haven’t been down to the greenhouse much recently just because things have been kinda busy. It’s all good. The plants are dormant or about to hit dormancy anyway. There’s still a few plants that look okay here and there, such as a few of the leucos and their hybrids – but for the most part the sleep has begun. I am still doing a lot of cleaning and organizing, and will be continually doing so throughout the course of the winter. I’ll probably bust the katana blade out later to do some slicing of old foliage… that should be fun.

During this time period, I keep the Sarracenia on the dryish side – not watering as much or as frequently. I just make sure that their soil is still moist/damp, but I don’t leave them constantly sitting in water as I would during active growth.

The cool thing is that the Nepenthes are sending out pitchers, so I’ll share a few photos of those in upcoming posts. I am also seeing pitchers grow and open up on the Cephalotus, as well as the Heliamphora. I will share those in a bit. For now here are a few photos of how things are goin’ in the Asylum.

Dormancy approcachesPlants starting to go dormant. Again, I’m leaving most of the old long foliage on there and still letting plants get that light they have missed out on.

Young Sarracenia TableYes, I know it looks messy. These are young plants I am still growing out. Again, you can see the long and stretched foliage.

Nepenthes HouseThe Nepenthes are doing well and loving their dome!

Sphagnum mossIt doesn’t look like much, but I’m growing out some sphagnum moss. I basically took a pot of sphagnum and just tore it up and am growing them in trays.

AF TableHere’s the anthocyanin free section. You can see the older leaves browning up. I’m looking forward to watching this table grow out next year!

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  1. Everything’s awesome!
    I’m curious, What kind of neps do you have, and how do you grow them?

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