Family Visit

This past Labor Day, 3 Sept 2012, I had the honor of having my Lolo and Lola (Tagalog for Grandfather and Grandmother) over to the greenhouse. I also had my younger sister and brother over for the first time here. They were lovin’ it! My Lolo and Lola are the reason why I started gardening, and have a deep love for all things botany related in the first place.

They are my inspiration and my strength. Growing up, I always hung out with them in the garden. I was always learning and absorbing as much wisdom as I could while playing in the dirt (and creating weird carnivorous plants out of non carnivores). Heck, my Lolo used to give me ricebowl haircuts in the garden; later on I became his personal barber and would fade him up in the garden. When the moved happened, it was a deep unsettling uprooting both for our family and for the garden. Literally. That garden was a place where we’d all spend a lot of time together. The garden was and still is a living repository of our stories and our memories. And it’s already been moved. Twice. My Grandparents have not seen the plants since. The other location was too crusty and dangerous (being that it was in a quasi-construction zone) and besides, the conditions there were not very good there anyway. But things for the plants are much better now and I can only look forward with resplendent wonder and solemn reverence.

Family Visit

What’s cool is that my Lolo brang over a rooted cutting of Cestrum nocturnum. It’s also known as night blooming jasmine, (or what I learned as “Dama de Noche” growing up) that he took cuttings of from the large plant we had going off at the old garden. I’m glad to have a piece back with me. The scent of that plant brings back memories of the warm summer nights from the old house.

I am truly thankful and so blessed to have my Lolo and Lola in my life. They’re still strong, and quick witted. (Dude, my Lolo still goes jogging at the young age of 90. FRRRRAAHKING 90!!!) I look forward to having them over more often now that things are getting cleaned up and settling down over here. I want them to witness the growth with me. My Lolo is very excited for me, and my Lola said “I remember these plants, I used to spend time with them and talk to them…” Dude, seeing their faces light up with those smiles after seeing the plants — that’s priceless.

Family VisitThankful for family.

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  1. Good lookin’ familia, Rob! Tell your sister I said HI…jk! 😉 That’s pretty incredible your grandfather still jogs at the age of 90. And here I thought my grandfather splitting firewood into his 80s was impressive!

  2. Gr8 pics of your family

    As you know my grandkids called me Granny Lo-Lo This Granny would like a cutting of your your cerus nocturum’
    I want to come visit too

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