A Look Into the Future

Vision Of Things To ComeA bright future lies ahead…

14 responses to “A Look Into the Future

  1. Kinjie(ocpaddict)No Gravatar

    That is a very bright future! Looks to be a great space Rob.

    • Hi there! Yes indeed 🙂 It’s going to be amazing and just looking at it and being in the space (that still needs a lot of clean up, btw…) makes it all worth it. Next year I know some amazing things will be happening with the plants!

  2. looks like scads of space. I’m sure that you will have it filled in no time at all

  3. Cedric Carnivore'sNo Gravatar

    So good my friend =)))

  4. Fantastic! I wonder how long before you need an even bigger space.

  5. Green eyed monster is rearing his ugly head. Oh wait that’s green monster LOL

  6. That is some serious space Rob.Never mind work,with that area full of plants you won’t have time for it.
    I’m with Carl,so jealous!

  7. Cedric Carnivore'sNo Gravatar

    LOL Robert, you are great, I am a little guy =)

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