A Visit to California Carnivores

Last weekend, Dahlia and I had a little weekend excursion in Sonoma County. It was a much needed time to relax after all the moving that we recently had to do. We’re settling into our new place nicely – but man… moving always sucks! (Thanks again to everyone who helped out!)

So anyway – what would a mini-vacay be without carnivores?! For me, vacations are never complete without carnivorous plant goodness. Since we were in the ‘hood of California Carnivores we decided to stop by to immerse ourselves in the carnivory. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend stopping by. It’s always a pleasure to visit this magnificent and magical place. Thank you, Cal Carn for what you do. Continue to embolden and equip us to be better growers!

Click here for the full screen slideshow!

A few highlight photos are below the slideshow.


A Visit to California Carnivores

6 responses to “A Visit to California Carnivores

  1. The red moorei is simply amazing!! And the Adrian Slack…I didn’t expect it to be able to make such a tall pitcher!!

    • Amazing… truly amazing. I’ve seen mature Adrian Slacks, but not quite that tall. Nice to know there’s some potential for height in the hybrids that use it! It’s certainly a plant that never ceases to amaze me! 🙂

  2. dude no way i was at California Carnivores and bought some of the plants you took pictures of!!! btw NICE PICTURES.

  3. WOW – loved looking at your photos! Am visiting there this October, so I hope they have a lot of fun Halloween decorations out with the plants 🙂 I am now following your blog – very cool!

    • Thanks so much! It should be a pretty fun time. The temperate plants will start to be going dormant probably, but you should be in for QUITE a TREAT! 😀 Take lots of photos, and thanks so much for taking the time to check out the blog! Happy growing!

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