A Couple of Neps

Hope you all are doing well. I grow a few other pitchers outside of the Sarracenia genus. ┬áNepenthes are a very beautiful and stunning genus of pitchers – hauntingly beautiful. I have a few Nepenthes here and perhaps once I get more space and better facilities, I’ll explore and dive into this genus a bit more! Here’s a couple of photos of Nepenthes pitchers for your enjoyment.

Nepenthes densiflora x truncata
Nepenthes densiflora x truncata

Nepenthes jambanNepenthes jamban

3 Responses to A Couple of Neps

  1. No No Rob stay away from nepenthes, they can be more addictive than sarrasenai and most are more costly
    Please take some advice from someone who has been thru it


  2. Lois is right, ya know. I’ve drunk deeply from the Monkey’s cup and it is indeed dangerously intoxicating!
    N. jamban is one of my absolute favorites, glad to see you have one too! I have a potful of jamban seedlings that are about two months old now, hoping there may be some natural hybrids in the bunch!

    • Thanks Paul and Lois! Yes indeed – yet another fascinating genus to explore! The new place will offer more space so I may dabble a bit more with the Neps. Fun plants indeed! I’m obsessed with the Sarracenia and don’t have much room for anything else. At least… not yet. Bwahahha! :)

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