Sarracenias & SF Giants Awesomeness

Baseball. Gardening. Baseball.
Sarracenia. Baseball. Sarracenia.
What the…?!?

Yes folks, there are parallels between these two seemingly separate worlds. For example, check out this amazing rad post by fellow garden blogger John Markowski – a must read: Why Gardening is Just Like Baseball. And dude – if you haven’t figured it out by now by now, I am a San Francisco Giants fan and gotta represent with my plants one way or another! So, let’s look at this again, shall we? Baseball. Sarracenia. Baseball. Pitcher. Pitcher … plant. Sarracenia. Pitcher plant aaaaaaaaaaaand… check out the catcher plant. (Heh, catcher plant… Get it?!)

Anyway, one of my very talented homies, Chris Nieman of Sticky Fingas Customs (follow him on Instagram, @duffmanivxx) creates custom vinyl stickers. As the season started this year, I was inspired by the artistry of Japanese apple farmers for this next experimental project. Inspired by the work on apples to give a few Sarracenias a freekin’ badass SF Giants tattoo.

Sarracenia Pitcher Plant SF Giants ProjectSF Giants vinyl stickers created by Chris Nieman.

Yeah, I know I can get SF Giant decals at various locations, but I needed stickers that were a little smaller than whatever I could find out there. Thankful that Chris hooked it up! He sent me the above photographed stickers in the mail.

Sarracenia Pitcher Plant SF Giants Project

Stick it to ’em. The next step was to place the sticker on a select pitcher. You can see in the photo to the left that I’m using tweezers to apply said sticker, as suggested by Chris. I found that I didn’t have to do that if I was careful and was able to simply peel the stickers off using my fingers and apply carefully. My main goal was to apply the sticker before the pitcher really colors up.  Being that I’m in a sub par lighting position right now means the plant won’t color up as fast – this plant should really be a deep rich and intense crimson red by now. The colors of my plants right now are kind of boring at this point but that will all change once the lighting situation is fixed. I’ll keep you all updated on how that lighting project is coming along.  Once the plant gets to be deep red, that’s when I plan on removing the sticker and what I am hoping for is the SF insignia to be left imprinted on the pitcher. Pitcher plants representing the SF Giants. Dude, now that’s BADASS. I chose 3 plants that (under ideal lighting) would get very rich colors. Below are photos of when I first applied the stickers on 17 May 2012. I will update again once these pitchers color up!

Chris, thanks again bro for hookin’ it up!

Sarracenia Pitcher Plant SF Giants Project
Sarracenia ‘Alucard’ – “Prince of Darkness”

Sarracenia Pitcher Plant SF Giants Project
Sarracenia leucophylla “Purple Lips” x flava var. rubricorpora

Sarracenia Pitcher Plant SF Giants ProjectSarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa v. burkeii

By the way – if any one in the SF Giants organization is reading this — hire me to be your freekin’ gardener or something. I’ll also design and hybridize custom Sarracenias for the team!
Imagine – pitcher plants named after pitchers…


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  1. Dude, how did I manage to marry someone so BRILLIANT!? 🙂 Gooooo GIANTS!!! WOOHOO!! Now, when are you going to name a Sarracenia plant after, ME? j/k xoxo

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