“Prince of Darkness” Rising

Finally. A little bit of color!  (I know it’s not much color, it’s barely any at all.) Now mind you, the colors would be so much more intense under direct sun, but it’s finally nice to see at least … a little bit of color.  It *should* be a bloody deep crimson red by now. Being that it’s a tall plant, it’s closer to the roof so it’s getting more light than the rest of collection.  Oh, my lighting woes. (Can’t wait to get that fixed — soon! Oh well, that’s life.)

Sarracenia “Prince of Darnkness” is a select clone of S. ‘Alucard’, which was born of a crossing between a heavy deep red select S. flava var. rubricorpora and S. ‘Royal Ruby’. Now keep in mind that the grex is registered. (grex: -noun, a group of plants that has arisen from the same hybrid parent group – via dictionary.com)  This particular clone is one of Phil Faulisi’s select plants out of that cross.

Out of my current dark situation, the “Prince of Darkness” rises…


Sarracenia "Prince of Darkness"
Sarracenia ‘Alucard’ – “Prince of Darkness”

Sarracenia "Prince of Darkness"
Sarracenia ‘Alucard’ – “Prince of Darkness”

Sarracenia "Prince of Darkness"
Sarracenia ‘Alucard’ – “Prince of Darkness”

Sarracenia "Prince of Darkness"Sarracenia ‘Alucard’ – “Prince of Darkness”

5 Responses to “Prince of Darkness” Rising

  1. Wow! That is one awesome pitcher!! I hope my ‘Alucard’ looks half as good as that this year!

  2. Even in its pale state it’s a cool plant–really delicate for something with a name like Prince of Darkness. This looks like a case where sarracenia names are starting to catch up with the orchid world, where you’ll get a registered grex, but then individual select clones can get their own epithets. As I begin to grow out more crosses this seems like the only logical way to go.

    • Hi James! My current conditions don’t do this plant justice at all. It gets very tall, and VERY deep blood red. It should be more like this:
      http://www.flickr.com/photos/rco911/6051755127/ they are the darker plants rising above the rest of the plants. Those are between two and a half to three feet tall.

      This is exactly like what’s going on – a select clone out of a grex getting it’s own epithet!

  3. Paler-than-usual or not, that is a superb Alucard!

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