Hello November

Bloggin’ from the iPhone right now… (so glad I could do this from here.) I had this whole November photo post I wanted to share with you all but due to awesome circumstances, it will have to wait.

Anyway, I had a pretty good day today. Hung out with Jenn doing a rad photoshoot for dirtygirl awesomeness! After that the fam and I chillaxed in wonderful HMB and El Granada.

So, I got home, and that’s when the fun started. I turned on the computer and… BAM!!! Awwww F!!CK! Blue screen of death. My hard drive crashed. Totally awesome, yes? Sooooo — yeah. I gotta fix that. Booooo!! :(

In the mean time while I wait for my ‘puter to get up and running, here are a few iPhone pics…


Greenhouse: November

The Green Monster loves coffee.

Sarracenia mitchelliana x moorei

Sarracenia readii x moorei select

Darlingtonia californica babies

Pinguicula (I got these as P. weser- not entirely 100% positive on ID though)

The most awesome bomb-ass 3 cheese mac n cheese with crispy bacon, sautéed shallots, and sweet butternut squash. (From Flavor restaurant, in El Granada)

Yeah. I just had to get some food in there… Haha!

Anyway, I hope to get my computer up and running again soon so I could get some more Sarracenia radness your way! Hope your November is starting off pretty awesome! (Sans the computer crashes…) Happy growing y’all!

5 Responses to Hello November

  1. Great pics, shame about your hard drive tho’
    I hope you get it up and running soon, as for that green monster… I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Sorry about your computer :( I found it very interesting that the
    green monster digs coffee!! Wow!! lol I love your greenhouse it is so awesome!! When I first saw your last
    pic of your awesome mac n cheese I thought at first that it was plant related until I read your caption!! Ha-ha It sure looks yummy ;)

    • Hey Roberta! Yeah, I think all my Sarrs love coffee do because I do. I always walk into the greenhouse with a nice bold cup. Yeah, that must be the secret to growing Sarracenia! :P That and feeding them doughnuts… Ha!

  3. Awesome pics! In regards to that supposed P. weser, I would say that it is definitely not weser. Its looks exactly like P. pirouette in my humble opinion. Cheers!

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