We were doing some clean up of old old files in the family archives.  It’s always nice to go back and just take those walks down memory lane now and then. It puts things in perspective. One of the things my little sister found during clean up was a collection of my old sketches. These were all from the early 1990’s. I was probably around 11 or 12 years old at the time I drew the following sketch — and at this time, I didn’t have any Sarracenia, but was already so fascinated by these plants. I don’t remember exactly where I got the inspiration from this, but it may of been from a book from my school or local library.  (If anyone recognizes this diagram, please let me know!) I would check out plant books even at this young age and just fill my mind with plant goodness.

Sarracenia Cross Section
Early 1990’s: Sarracenia flava cross section – a sketch be me.
I was still in grade school. This was penned during my pre-voice-cracking days.

The above drawing shows the anatomy of the different zones of a pitcher. Pretty rad, eh?  *I drew this before I grew any Sarracenia.*  I’ve murdered plenty of flytraps, but nobody around had any Sarracenia to sell or distribute.  Who would of thought that from this, I would of grown and ended up with something like this blog?  It’s pretty crazy just looking back at the whole thing – and looking forward to what’s to come in this plant journey is pretty exciting as well!

Greenhouse: October
October 2011: Greenhouse, after major trimming and thinning plants out.

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  1. thanks for sharing! enjoyed it! m

  2. First off- i have major greenhouse envy.

    Second, I used to be embarrased to say that I “showed” plants at the California State Fair when I was in high school- before I really started being a gardener. Now, I’m happy to still have those blue ribbons- I consider it the start of a long happy obsession with plants!

    • Thanks Carri! When I first bought the greenhouse I thought it would be ample space. I was wrong. I spilled into another small 6×6 greenhouse and most of the collection is actually outdoors.

      I wanna see the blue ribbons!! Plant nerds unite! Yeah, I was like the only plant nerd in the entire SCHOOL! Isn’t it pretty neat looking back and see how far you’ve come?

  3. Haha, great post! It reminds me of my own nerdy childhood. I have fond memories of watching Attenborough’s The Private Life of Plants when I was a little kid…

  4. Funny to see how far back the obsession goes! I trace one of my early signs to high school freshman art class, where we had to do a single-panel cartoon.

    There are two people talking. In the background is a large plant with legs sticking out of it. A sign in front of the plant says: DANGER! Man-eating plant! One of the people in the foreground says to the other, knowingly, “The plant is really turning into a real gourmet. Today it ate a Frenchman!” Okay, okay, high school humor…

  5. I just looked at this, and though of myself (I’m 13, started with my first Flytrap at 11)
    Trying to sketch a Saracenia can be hard. I havn’t tried a diagram like that yet!

    Anyhow, while browsing this site, and seeing all the plants you have, i think “That’s what i wanna’ have” And i have the head start 😀

    But plant nerd, that works for me!

    • Ahh Hahah! Awesome!!! You got like 10 years on me! 🙂 Back then I didn’t have access to the info or plants that I did now. Can’t wait to see how far your plant endeavors will take you Dan!

  6. I drool at the sight of your Sarrs not to mention your greenhouse (even if I don’t need one). I wish I could get my hands on more. The last typhoon that passed almost killed my one and only sarrs.

    I think it’s really nice that you found your old drawings. I’ve always liked plants and animals but don’t really have any artistic talent.

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