Dark Petals

[Dark Petals]

It has been a relatively cool year over here. The plants in my Sarracenia pit are a bit thrown off, but I guess stuff happens. I mean… dude, it’s June. And we still get some light rain, and some cold. Global warming in effect, I guess. Strange!  Anyway, some plants outdoors are laggin’ and are finally throwing out their floral awesomeness. Other plants have been long done and are in seed mode now…

One of the later plants that threw some interesting petals in the midst of the weather madness was this unknown hybrid thing.  It has lecuophylla in it, judging from the pitchers. What really drew me to this one was the dark sheen / blackish-glow of the petals.  Rad stuff going on in Sarracenia-ville!

6 responses to “Dark Petals

  1. That is one fantastic looking bloom. What a beauty!

  2. WOW! You still have flowers… And really interesting One i’d say 🙂

  3. That is astonishing. Thanks for posting that photo!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Yuri – Yes, it’s has been a strange year for me here, it has been on the cool side for quite some time, hence the delay. I still have blooms on quite a few plants actually, maybe only one or two more still budding.

  5. That’s a beauty!

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