2011, Bring it on!

I still can’t believe that there are only a few more hours left in 2010.

Ok. A box. So it’s a Vans shoebox. Yes, I know.

For me, 2011 is kinda like this unopened box.  A great culmination of stuff from this year building up to bigger and better things. At least, I hope I’ll get some bigger and better things. What is IN that box is something I look forward to. (And no, it ain’t shoes.)

What is in that box will grow.  The results of the work I did this past year will become tangible.  Some things may NOT be all that great (and will be tossed and composted), and some things will be simply spectacular.  Some things will be nurtured, and some things despised. Who knows. All I gots to say is BRING IT ON.

And to all of you out there, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year! Have fun and please be safe. Wishing you all continued health and success in 2011!


4 Responses to 2011, Bring it on!

  1. (Hmmm…I’ve never thought of shoes and sarracenias at the same time but you know they kinduv are shaped the same…)

    Anyway, have a great 2011 yourself, Rob! Here’s wishing you lots more boxes of surprises and maybe even the room to grow them!

  2. Ohhh ya so fancy ROB! whatwhat! :)

    Love the new site… Happy New Year! xoxoxoxox

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