Ice Ice Baby!

Sup y’all. As you saw in my last post, my plants are pretty much just… well… dormant, dried n’ brown. I spent some of this weekend actually trimming some back, and didn’t even get to a third of the plants. All good, working on it little by little.  That’s just in that one grow area too… Dude, I still have outdoors and other greenhouse to go through. Fun stuff though! I freekin’ love this stuff.  It’s my winter project right now, to conquer and divide. Yeah, I have lot’s o’ dividing to do as well.

So, while I’m here in relaxing in my mild temps with me Sarrs crispy and dormant; other growers have their stuff in under snow and under ice. Ice Ice baby.

Yeah, eff the big conglomerate corporations selling these awesome plants in death cube cylinders saying that terrariums n ‘ish are needed.  Whatever. These plants are meant for the outdoors and not be behind plastic death cubes. Or thrown under benches to rot.  Not at all my friends. Not at all…

Anyway, just wanted to share some photos of some Sarracenia grown by my friend Aaron Carlson in Wisconsin.  His plants are out there under snow n’ ice year after year, and the plants are fine. (Thanks for letting me share your photos Aaron!)  Being that I’m in the SF/Bay Area – snow, frost, and ice are things that are totally alien to me.   I’m fascinated by it, and even more intrigued by those who grow plants in areas where they have to deal with the stuff year after year.  Anyway,I just thought these photos were pretty rad and it goes to show you that the plants don’t need to be behind glass in order to grow successfully.

Following photos by Aaron Carlson, plants grown by Aaron Carlson.

Hybrid Sarracenia seedling poking through snow
[Hybrid Sarracenia seedling poking through snow]

Sarracenia seedlings poking through the snow
[Sarracenia seedlings poking through the snow]

Sarracenia in the snow
[Sarracenia in the snow]

2 Responses to Ice Ice Baby!

  1. Fire last post, now ice! I know Aaron’s written about losing some plants to the cold but these photos really show that they’re tougher than a lot of people give them credit for. Still, being another Californian like you I think these are pretty exotic pics–as crazy as seeing them in flames!

  2. I should mention that the air temp this day was about 36F, and the snow was slowly melting. It was accumulating faster than it could melt. Sadly, they are all in the garage now, as the temps have really taken a dive the past week and a half, although we have less snow on the ground now than what you see in the pics.

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